The Road Home

I almost talked myself out of revisiting the 2016 wildfire and evacuation as part of the 19 Day Painting Challenge.  The suggestion had come from Edmonton artist Ed Hunt.  At the last moment, I realized that it was exactly what I needed to do.

I have done several paintings related to this tragic event in our lives.  However, the only one that I can honestly say was personal to me was the one of Fire Chief Darby Allen that I did on the first Sunday of evacuation.  That painting felt more like a capture of the craziness of the moment, not a reflection of what was happening internally.

The road home for our family was a journey of about a month.  There are families that have been on that road for 34 months.  They are still not home.

The entire 19 Day Painting Challenge is about getting people home.  All the money raised will give a very poor family in rural Cambodia a fresh start and new hope.  We hope to raise enough to fund the build of a home and toilet facilities with Bracelets For Buildings in early 2020.

It's been quite a journey with some very intriguing prompts.  Among my favourites were:

-paint something while listening to really annoying music

-paint with your fingers

-paint something using a piece of child's art as inspiration

Five of the 19 paintings were purchased by individuals at the BUY NOW prices.  That means that 14 will be in the 19 Day Painting Challenge online auction which can be found here.  It will run from March 17 to 24.

I have dropped the starting bid price as low as I can possibly stomach.  It is the only time in the year that I do this because the purpose is to get as many people involved as possible and to get all the paintings sold.  It's a great cause and you can help pave the road home for one very special family overseas.

We have added two extra originals to support Bracelets For Buildings and the build of a home for Heng Ram and his family.   We also have a pair of ravens in the auction created by Heather and a small number of gallery canvas prints.

You can preview the 19 Day Painting Challenge online auction and register for free by clicking here.


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