The recharge of inspiration

When I take a break from the job of being an artist, I often find myself at the easel doing something fun with absolutely no agenda.  Two days ago, I decided to scroll through my inspiration folder to see what might jump out as a possible subject.  This photograph of Charles Darwin is what caught my eye.

I sketched it out on a canvas on Friday evening and decided to leave it for Saturday.  After spending hours on a commission, I felt like it was time for some fun.  In the last second, I decided to make an abrupt change of course.

I had an old pine board box in the studio that was no longer serving a useful purpose.  I decided to take it apart in hopes that someone could use the wood for other projects.  In a flash, I got the idea of using one of the panels as my canvas.  I quickly sketched out Charles Darwin again, set the board on the easel and did a Facebook Live video of my first hour of painting. 

You can watch it be scrolling down a few post on my Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page.  Look for the picture of me holding Coco.

This is how the painting looked after the video was done.

This is how the painting looks now, after several hours of work after dinner.

What a unique piece.  It is also my first painting on pine board since 2014.  I quite loved the process and the warmth of the portrait set against the pine.

If you're interested in owning this new work, just send me a note via my Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page or by email:

When I take the time to pursue a creative urge, a flash of inspiration, the result is a feeling of renewal and belief in possibility. 


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