The other kind of painting

I have spent the past two days completely focused on the other kind of painting, the kind that I've done most of my life.  Heather and I decided to hit the refresh button on our living room with the arrival of spring.  It was like old times.

When we first moved in together, the first thing that happened was a massive paint job of the living room.  I don't remember who did what back then, but this time around I did the edge painting while she ruled the roller.  Together, we got it all done in two days.

I have to admit that I'm a little twitchy not having done the other kind of painting for about five days.  We had made a quick trip down to Calgary on the weekend which means it has been a long stretch of quiet out in Birdsong Studio.  That will change today.

The 19 Day Painting Challenge online auction is going amazingly well.  We have bids on every single work that is raising money for Bracelets For Buildings, a charity that builds homes for the poorest of the poor in Cambodia.  This is our annual fundraising effort to sponsor the construction of a complete home, including sanitary and starter pack.

We've thrown in a few gallery canvas prints and a pair of ravens done by Heather.  The auction goes until 9 pm MST on Sunday night.  You can register for free, look at all the items, and bid by clicking here.


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