Artists Loft in Okotoks

Heather has been designing the Artists Loft in her head for months, ever since we put the offer in on this home in Okotoks and its carriage house apartment that sits above Birdsong Studio 2.0.  As a frequent user of AirBnB accommodations, she has tapped into her own experiences to think about the Artists Loft's amenities from the guest's perspective.  This is going to be a serene, peaceful and comfortable place for people to stay for a couple of days or longer.

Our friend Rob Kunz gifted us with a photo session of the Artists Loft yesterday.  Here are some of the images he took to bring you inside and give you a sense of what to expect.  You can explore more of Rob's amazing photographs by clicking here.

With a fully appointed kitchen, 4-piece bath, washer and dryer, the Artists Loft allows you to settle in and relax. 

Once the studio is complete (in the next several weeks), you'll be able to enjoy some painting with one of our resident artists.  Or, you can book some hands-on time with Heather in her healing space in the main house.

What are the 10 strongest selling features of the Artists Loft?  Here would be my picks:

1.  Excellent Location

The Artists Loft is in a quiet location that opens onto a natural hill abundant with birds, deer and meditative walking trails.  At the same time, it is a two minute stroll to a wide selection of stores, restaurants and amenities.  It is also a perfect staging spot for day trips to Calgary, Canmore, Crowsnest Pass or a plethora of amazing spots in southern Alberta.

2.  Spacious

You will have room to breathe in the Artists Loft.  You'll also enjoy a wonderful view out the large windows and the soothing breeze provided by windows that face east and west.

3.  Everything you need

The Artists Loft provides everything you need for a comfortable stay.  If you don't feel like eating out, you can easily prepare a wonderful meal with easy access to a number of grocery stores in the area.  There is also an amazing store called Supper Studio that provides traditional, healthy and affordable meals that are ready to prepare.  We tried their beef stroganoff last week and it was incredible.  It is only one block away.  If you've gone on an adventurous hike and got your clothes dirty, pop them in the Artists Loft washer and dryer and you'll be ready to go the next day.  So convenient.

4.  Nature options

When you walk out the door of the Artists Loft you will see a beautiful grassy hill.  Walk to the end of the block and access the Old MacLeod Trail for a lovely walk through the woods to the top for a stunning view of Okotoks and the mountains beyond.  With an almost imperceptible incline, this is a 10 minute stroll that almost anyone can enjoy.  Don't be surprised to see some of our furry friends (deer) during you meanderings.  The hill and the valley are its natural habitat.

There are also some wonderful walking paths along the Sheep River just two blocks away where you will likely see squirrels, deer, dogs (with their owners in tow), birds-a-plenty, and the odd hare.

5.  Soundscape

There is a sereneness to the sounds you will hear in the Artists Loft.  Birdsongs, melodious breezes, and sublime silence abound.  We are far enough away from the bustling town, that it feels like you are in the country.  Listen for the amazing church bells at noon and 5 pm, and the sound of the train whistle off in the distance.

6.  Great coffee

In addition to the coffee we provide, there are two boutique coffee shops very close to the Artists Loft.  Just a few doors down on Elma is "94".  You can order a brew to go or kick back and enjoy at a wide selection of tables, inside and out.  You can also try CD Bloom Studio just a block and a half to the east.  If you are a coffee fiend, you'll also want to visit Rebel Bean Roasters on Elizabeth Street, one block to the south.  When they are roasting, the smell is heavenly.

7.  Studio time

Whether you are a practising or an aspiring artist, you will have access to Birdsong Studio below as part of your stay.  The only exception might be in the next week, as we're expecting the mudders, tapers, sanders and painters to be putting the finishing touches on the space.  After that's done though, it will be a perfect opportunity to hang out in an awesome creative space.  Ask about arranging a workshop with one of our resident artists.  So far, that's Heather and I.  But eventually, we hope that other artists in Okotoks begin to hang out and paint with us.  You can use your own stuff, or we can provide all the supplies you need for a small fee.

8.  Table time

When you stay at the Artists Loft at Birdsong Studio and Healing Centre in Okotoks, you have the opportunity to benefit from the healing hands of Heather.  She is a craniosacral therapist and also offers a number of other healing modalities.  Additionally, she is an accomplished yoga instructor.  Make sure to book table time in advance of your stay.  You'll be glad you did.  You can check out her website by clicking here.

9.  Love of reading

In addition to a number of books in the Artists Loft, there is also a free library box located right in front of the main house.  It is an absolutely brilliant community feature.  We see people bringing and taking books almost every day.  If you see something you want to read, just let us know and we'll grab something from our collection to replace it with. 

10.  Home away from home

At the end of the day, our guests will enjoy that home-away-from-home feeling that we all long for when travelling.  We will do our best to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating and welcoming stay.  Plus, we're always open to feedback and suggestions for how it can even be better.

If you're interested in a booking a stay at the Artists Loft, check out the AirBnB link list by clicking here.


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