It's a process

One week ago we were enjoying our first morning of waking up in our Okotoks home.  Considering we are only 7 days in, I think we've done extraordinarily well in terms of getting set up.  I was even able to complete two paintings amidst the chaos of the studio.  "Our Ray of Sunshine" and "Cadoka" came together despite the mess that surrounded me.  A new painting of a robin in the rain will come together today.

The development of Birdsong Studio 2.0 is a process.  Some things we can do in advance of getting our DP (Development Permit), while others things need to wait.

The first order of business will be the installation of custom shelving.  That will arrive on Tuesday and will stretch across the back wall.  This will give me adequate storage for canvases, prints, packing supplies, puzzles, etc.  As soon as that happens, the great big pile of boxes in the middle of the studio will go away.

One of our priorities is dealing with the driveway.  Right now, it is a middy mess with sidewalk blocks that are rather hazardous to walk on.  The loam on top will be taken off and replaced with a solid based of gravel and rock. 

The sidewalk blocks will be moved aside (and used in other ways) and replaces with a safe and functional concrete sidewalk.

Next will the sanding and painting of the studio.  At that point, I will need to transfer to a different painting locations, likely in the basement of the house, and let the contractors do their magic.  Once the painting is done, the installation of LED light fixtures will happen.

Eventually, this utility room will be turned into a bathroom with a utility sink for washing brushes.  That may end up being one of the final pieces of the puzzle.  For now, I'll need to wash brushes in the house or artist's loft.

I've ordered an art hanging system from Lee Valley that I'm very excited about.  This system (similar to what they have at the MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery in Fort McMurray) will allow me to change up the display easily without having to poke holes in the wall.

The very last step in the development process will be a good cleaning and sealing of the concrete floor.  At that point, Birdsong Studio 2.0 in Okotoks should be officially open for business.

For now, I'm set up on a desk that I had built for Dylan a few year ago in the office bay of the garage/studio.  It is currently serving as a storage area for the lawn mower, garden gear and various other things.  My hope is that it will grow into a spot where guests can sit and visit.  Like with everything else in life, it takes time and I need to be patient.  We're making steps forward every single day.  That's what matters.


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