The beauty that surrounds us

On Friday night, Heather and I were watching our show in the basement as we noticed the brilliance of the sunset through the large window that faces north.

"If I ran up the hill, I'd get a glorious picture," I said.

I didn't.  Instead, I hatched the idea to take a drive west of Okotoks with Ben at sunset on Saturday night.  There is a beautiful vista that we discovered on the way to Millarville.  It offers an amazing view of the mountains and seemed to be a great spot to capture the end of the day.

While the sunset wasn't as dramatic as it was the previous evening, there were many other things that captured my attention.  Beauty was all around me, from the thorns in the ditch to the single cluster of daisies.  Here are a few shots I found on my camera this morning.  I can't wait to see what Ben captured.  I guarantee his perspective will be completely different.


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