Natural Beauty of Okotoks

Our new home and Birdsong Studio 2.0 in Okotoks is right in the heart of downtown yet only steps away from nature.  If you ever come down and stay with us, you'll have the best of both worlds:  a variety of interesting places to shop and enjoy great food, plus access to the natural world, all within a five minute walk of "The Loft".

To the north is a big grassy hill.  Climbing to its upper reaches, I still get a little winded (though less than when we first arrived). 

At the top are stunning vistas, long prairie grasses, wild flowers and birds.  In the gulley just beyond is are multiple trails through the forest, maintained by the constant flow of deer.  You can clearly see where one, two or three had bedded down for the night.

To the south is the Sheep River and a riverside park with your choices of asphalt trails or deer paths.  I used both during our walk last night.  In that short stroll, Coco and I saw multiple deer, black squirrels, woodpeckers, robins, crows and a hare.  We haven't spent a lot of time down by the river only because of the high stream flow advisory.  The Sheep is rather tempestuous and murky right now.  Southern Alberta has had a lot more rain than is normal this year.  Once it calms down, we will spend more time exploring down by the water.

We look forward to sharing more aspects about the community of Okotoks and the surrounding areas in the coming weeks and months.  Thanks for reading.


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