The importance of WHY

I was sitting on our front veranda enjoying a cold one - a reward for a productive day of sorting and organizing.  A couple came along and ended up in a conversation in front of our Development Permit application notice that is on a sandwich board right in front of our house.  As I was somewhat hidden, nestled just out of their view behind the balusters that border the veranda, they were rather surprised when I popped my head up and said "Hello!".

Stuart and Suzette were visiting from Lethbridge.  As it turns out, they are both trained artists who have a little bit of a dream of having their own studio one day.  I invited them to come to the back and have a look.  We ended up chatting for well over an hour.

I firmly believe that Stuart and Suzette were standing in front of our house for a reason and that it was no accident that they ended up looking at the work-in-progress called Birdsong Studio 2.0.  I believe that visit and the connection was meant to happen and was mutually important. 

We had a delightful conversation which reinforced my belief that we are here for a reason.  That what we do isn't really just about art, it's about people.  Thankfully, Heather and I have the same vision for what we want to do.  Our dream is to create spaces that invite people to connect, create, and imagine. 


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