Easter update

 I don't have to head into the city very often, but when I do I make a point of dropping into the SEED Homes facility to see the progress on Birdsong Studio 3.0. Seeing things in person is far superior than relying on pictures.

Adrien, Operations Manager, took me back to the shop floor to check things out. He's been a great connection in the past few months, communicating regularly, and problem solving tiny little things that have come up.

The team has brought together all three sections of the building and installed all the roof panels. In going through this process in the shop, they will save days, if not weeks, after it is installed in High River. 

It was great to see Stephen Morgan, CEO during my tour yesterday. He shared with me that the decision was made to increase the height of the building by a full foot. So now we'll have 9 feet on the low side and almost 10 on the high side. The extra foot will strengthen the aesthetic and functionality. Plus, it will give us that much more display space.
Our plan is to use the Trusscore slat wall system for hanging art salon style - floor to ceiling. 

SEED Homes/CEGEN is a bustling concern. Activity on the shop floor is intense with more projects, more staff and a need for more space. Stephen was very excited to share with me their solution for their space challenge. I'll leave it to them to share that news, but it will be an exciting new chapter in the SEED Homes story. 

As we've gone through this journey of building our home and studio, we've become pretty close to SEED Homes team. The names of the longer term members of the team come easy to us now. The ability to name everyone is getting harder though, as the company staffs up to meet the needs of the growing number of confirmed projects. I was able to meet a number of the new folks during my walk through yesterday. 


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