Home in High River Auction


I knew that auctions had become an important part of our business, but I never would have guessed that we've done 40 of them over the years. I went to set up our "Home in High River" auction yesterday and discovered that higher than expected number. However, it makes sense. We typically have been doing three to hour auctions a year. This is our tenth year. 

As 2023 ended up being a year of transition, we went several seasons without doing one. Auctions require space and the ability to do a lot of packaging when it's all over. Couch surfing in other peoples' houses didn't allow for that. Plus, I couldn't carry much inventory.

We have been living in our High River home since the start of the new year. That means I have two months of painting under my belt and enough of an inventory to do the "Home in High River" online art auction. Truth be told, packaging will still be a challenge, but with a smaller number of items, it should be manageable. 

Under normal studio conditions, I keep sheets of cardboard in stock. As that is not possible in our current situation, I need to improvise. My packaging supplies usually come from U-Line in Edmonton. However, I will go to Instabox in Calgary to meet the needs of this auction. A bit more expensive, but these ready-to-assemble boxes are easier to store in the small space I am using as a studio.

We're going to have starting bids that are set at 75 percent off the regular price of each item or more. That provides enough of an incentive for buyers and enough income for us to justify clearing out stock. As I have absolutely no stock of gallery canvas prints, all the items in the "Home in High River" auction are original works. 

Heather has started painting again. This new triptych will be featured in the auction. It is called "Sunshine on my Bones". 

The auction goes from Sunday to Sunday, March 3 to 10th. You can register for free by clicking here.


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