Painting Birds

 When we spent a month in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico last year I spent hours and hours walking through cobblestone streets and cactus laden desert. I always strolled with my camera so I could take pictures of birds. I captured quite a collection after four weeks of walking.

I started painted some of those birds shortly after we got back. 

I got back on that train a few days ago.

As I've grown older, I've become more and more interested and excited by birds. I could be in the foulest of moods, but seeing a northern flicker or a bluejay can put a smile on my face immediately. Seeing an unfamiliar species, all other thoughts get banished from my brain and my entire focus gets aimed at the bird. In that instant, nothing else matters.

Painting birds in a realistic style is strangely relaxing. It requires patience and adherence to a process, but I know that if I set out to paint one of my bird photographs, I trust it will be something special. 


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