Birdsong Update

It's always nice to drop into the SEED Homes facility in southeast Calgary to see the progress on Birdsong Studio 3.0. I honestly can't wait to spread out and have room to create again. I'm grateful for my tiny space in the guest bedroom, but it has its functional limitations.

Walking into the shop area, the first thing you see off in the distance is the north wall of the studio. These 3 by 4 foot windows will bring oodles of indirect light into the studio space. 

It's hard to picture what the various areas will be at this stage of the process, but I'll do my best to describe each.
This will be my office and the Ideal Protein clinic. I'm really looking forward to having a dedicated space for my computer work.
This will be the Bird's Nest, an intimate in-law suite that we will be making available on AirBnB when complete. The patio doors will open to our small backyard and a deck for sitting outside and taking in the breeze.
Straight ahead will be the Bird's Nest kitchenette with a sink and counter, microwave and fridge. To the left will be the suite's full bath.
This is the passageway between the office and the studio. A small bathroom will be to the right for guests. We'll have a utility sink in here for cleaning of brushes and art supplies. 
This will be the studio space. Roughly 11 feet wide by 30 feet long. There will be ample space for storage, displaying paintings, and work areas. 

Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are due to arrive within the week and finishing work will begin to happen on the building in preparation for its trip south to High River near the end of the month.

We hope you enjoy seeing the progress as much as we do. As a kid, I was always enamoured with the time lapse videos they showed on Sesame Street of buildings being built. Being able to watch all of this come together takes me way back to those early years. 


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