The wonder of joy of taste


I cracked open a new box of my Nacho Cheese Dorados from Ideal Protein last night. This is my favourite evening snack when I'm on program, which I finally am after procrastinating for a month or so. 

Wow! These are bland, I thought to myself. 

It was a little while later that I started thinking back on the various things I had eaten throughout the day and how everything seemed so blah. Then it hit me.

I have no sense of taste or smell. None. 

What started as a headache and slight fever turned into a runny nose and constant sneezing. Last night proved to be the hardest night of sleep with cyclical dreams fuelled by the low-grade fever. It's the congestion that I dislike the most. The pressure in my sinus cavity is unrelenting. 

The lack of taste sure takes the bite out of whatever appetite I have left. Perhaps that's not a bad thing, as I'm nearing the end of my first week on the weight-loss protocol. Six days in, six pounds down. 

I had taken the dogs out for a walk last weekend. It wasn't quite warm enough to go completely without a jacket, so I grabbed a down vest that had been passed along to us. It was too small for me. Sucking my belly in, I was able to zip it up. It became my motivation for losing weight. Wouldn't it be great if this could actually fit me comfortably??? 


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