Moose in the creek

 I spent two full days working on my newest moose painting. This is rare for me. Usually I start and finish larger project in a single day. 

I took my time with this one, originally inspired by a moose photo I saw as part of a meme on social media. At some point in the process, I shared what I was working on with my sister Corinne who lives on an acreage - though I call it the farm - near Sexsmith in northern Alberta.  

Moose are part of their lives. I spotted one during our time living up there in August and early September. It was in the field to the east. I remember grabbing my camera and running out to the road to try and get a good picture.

By the time I got there, the moose had caught wind of what I was up to and started trotting away. 

I would often see moose prints in the creek bed that runs through the forest on the property. All of a sudden I got this image in my head of a moose having a bath in the pond in that very special place. The thought informed the composition and freed me up to have some fun.

"What if you made the background foggy or misty?" suggested Heather. "That would help the moose pop out."

It is always an interesting juncture to reach: when you have an ostensibly finished painting, but you're considering adding a new dimension or technique. There is always a risk in trying a significant change in direction, though I didn't hesitate. I jumped right in with Heather's suggestion and this was the end result. 

This original painting is available on our website here:


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