Ideal Protein, Week One

I still shake my head when I think that just a couple of days ago I had never heard of Ideal Protein.  Now it seems that everywhere I turn there is someone with a connection to the program.  Perhaps it is a result of the theory that the energy you give is the energy you get?

How was the first week?  Overall, fantastic.  But I had one bad stretch on Day 3 when a dull headache settled in.  The timing wasn't the best as it was the day that Premier Ed Stelmach was in town for the Airport Expansion and Redevelopment Project ground breaking.

Premier Stelmach, Mayor Melissa Blake and a host of dignitaries break ground for the Fort McMurray Airport Expansion and Redevelopment Project, August 30, 2011

It was a day where I went from one public function to another, with no time to grab a soothing Tylenol.  All I could do was keep up with my water intake and suffer gladly.  After a nap, a good dinner and a second snooze, the throbbing subsided and all was well.

I like the regimentation of this program, that it's very laid out with specific do's and don'ts.  I like following instructions.  They keep me focused and on track.  My daily schedule sits out on the kitchen counter for me to consult throughout the day.  The daily journal gives me a place to track my meal choices, water intake and supplements that I take.

While my home scale was suggesting significant weight loss, I knew the true measure would come at my weekly check-in that happened yesterday.  That is where the true baseline was established.  A week ago it tagged me at 207-pounds.  I shed my accouterments (belt, BlackBerry, wallet) and stepped up and looked down.

"You've lost 7.2-pounds this week," Barb declared.  "That's a great first week.  Now let's see if the inches match the pounds."

She grabbed the tape and checked everything from waist and hip sizes to my neck and thigh.  Each measurement indicated a slight decrease for a total loss of 5.75-inches.

Determined to carry on, I selected enough supplies for the next three or four weeks, the amount of time I think it will take to get near my target weight.  My counter is now filled with caramel pudding, vanilla drink, and tomato & basil soup mixes, not to mention the barbecue chips box, for those moments when I feel the compulsion to chomp on something snacky.

Ideal Protein's BBQ Chips

For me, there are a lot of good things about the first week:

  • I lost a considerable amount of weight
  • My energy has increased
  • My digestive system feels way better
  • I'm drinking lots and lots of water 
  • The temptations to cheat have been few
  • Cravings had not entered into the picture
  • The program is manageable even with a busy public and work life (probably my biggest fear going in)
  • Barb and the gang at BACK on TRACK with BARB are very supportive
  • I am not alone, as many others around me either have been on this journey before or are on this journey now (support and encouragement are plentiful)
  • I bought a bottle of the Walden Farms BBQ Sauce - it is heavenly!

My buddy back home was my inspiration for doing this, as going on a determined weight loss program was nowhere on my radar till he told me his Ideal Protein story.  So, a big thanks to him and the many others who followed in quick succession with their stories and successes.  I am grateful.

If any of this is ringing true to you, if you want to shed pounds, increase your energy and focus on your health, you can get started at BACK on TRACK with BARB at 780-750-1450, or visit her website at  They are located on the upper level of the River City Centre, or for the Fort McMurray old-timers that area reading, the Plaza II.


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