Ideal Protein, Week Three

It took me four full months of hard work to get below 190 lbs, the last time I battled my middle age proclivity to rotundness.  I ran, walked, did crunches and lifted weights.  I drank lots of water, avoided as much sugar as I could, and carefully watched what I ate.  This morning, I have gone below the previous low-weight mark after only three weeks on the Ideal Protein program.

Normally, I do my weekly update on Sunday morning.  But I know I'll be wanting to write about what is going to happen tonight at the Harvest of Hope Celebrity Waiter fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  So, I'll break with tradition and share my reflections before my official weigh-in at BACK on TRACK with BARB.

This was such a great week as I felt totally in sync with the plan.  Drinking copious amounts of water has become second-nature.  The raw veggies and protein shake at lunch no longer feels awkward, rather, completely normal and actually, desired.

Yesterday was the first day that I started to get spontaneous reaction in the office to my weight loss.

"I can really see it now," said one person, patting me encouragingly on the shoulder.

The markers of progress are popping up everywhere.  I was at Bob Barrett's Mens' Apparel the other day getting fitted for my tux when I was told that I had dropped from a size 44 suit jacket to a size 42.  I'd been a 44 for as long as I can remember, certainly going back to the mid-1990's.

I can honestly say that not even in my most creative dreams did I imagine that I'd need to consider dropping a pant size.  Three weeks ago, my inventory of 36" waist pantaloons were getting hard to button up.  Today, there are becoming rather loose, to the point where cinching up the belt is beginning to look odd.  With over 10 lbs yet to go, I'm preparing myself to invest in a whole bunch of alterations.

I still get strangled trying to button my 17" neck size dress shirts, but I can see the day, not too far down the road, when I'll be able to comfortably do up that button and make use of shirts that have been hanging dormant for quite a number of years.

The energy I'm feeling is remarkable.  I no longer suffer through those horrible post-lunch bouts of exhaustion.  I'm more comfortable in my body than I've felt in decades.

I was inspired to hear the weight loss story of my friend Paul McWilliams, Director of Advancement at MacDonald Island Park, at the 5th anniversary celebration of Primary Care Network (PCN) Wood Buffalo yesterday.  I never knew the overweight Paul.  He came into my universe in the last leg of his program, so hearing his story was amazing.

With the encouragement, guidance and consistent support of the incredible staff of the PCN, Paul dropped over 114 lbs.  Post-program he has managed to maintain 90 percent of the weight loss.  For anyone who struggles with obesity, this is a wonderful ray of hope that all things are possible.

End of Week #3: - 14.4 lbs, -12 inches


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