Things that make me smile

This tiny Smart car drove by the house yesterday and I found myself smiling from ear to ear for no other reason than it amused me.  I had the same reaction later in the afternoon when it drove right by me as I was crossing the street to check the mail.  If I was independently wealthy and could shuck the practicality of needing a larger vehicle to carry canvases, easels, and such, I would be a proud owner of a Smart car right now.

It got me thinking about things that make me smile.  I thought I'd share a few of them.

1. Birds in the trees

I was out in the back alley showing a couple of clients the murals of Elsie and Tom when I glanced up to notice a number of interesting birds chomping on the fermenting berries left dangling on the tree.  The thought of them getting tipsy and having their fill brought be great joy.

2.  Babies

I am a sucker for little ones.  Any chance I get to hold a baby (without freaking out the mother) I take it.  And yes, I smile the whole time.

3.  Food bank donation bin in the liquor store

I'm still smiling at this memory and it has been months since I saw it.  It inspired the most delightful double take that I have ever experienced.  A food bank donation bin in a liquor store?  I thought to myself.  What are the hoping to get?

4. Random acts of kindness

Heather shared with me a post she had read about a family that had fallen on difficult times but needed some emergency dental work done.  When it came time to arrange for a payment plan Dr. Beaulne said "this one is on us".  That didn't just make me smile; it made me tear up.

5. Bathtub in the hotel

When we get a hotel room with a bathtub my frown turns upside down.  When I discover that it has a drain plug - they often don't - I get perfectly giddy.  Some people like showers; I do not.

6.  A nicely made bed

At the end of a long hard day there is nothing bed than a freshly made bed with new sheets.  A smile forms instantly as I imagine the delightful night of sleep we are about to have.

7. Construction crews

I can't help but smile when I drive by a road construction crew:  7 to 10 guys standing around in their safety vests and hard hats watching one guy in a dozer moving dirt.  It's a total cliche, but the number of times I see this scene is fascinating and amusing.

8. Signal lights

"Yes, I can see you're turning," I say aloud, to no one in particular.  "Thank you for telling me."  It might be more of a sardonic smile, but when people wait until they are actually turning to turn on their signal light, I just can't help myself.

9. Hand written cards and letters

There was a time when getting a letter or two each week was normal.  Now, getting something handwritten is a complete surprise and a great catalyst for smiling.

10. Sunrise, sunset

No matter what I'm doing, where I'm going, or how I'm feeling, a brilliant sunrise or sunset stops me in my tracks and causes immediate happiness and awe.

What are the things that make you smile?  Be aware of this question over the next few days and see what causes you to grin.  You might be surprised at what does.


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