Striving for low water mark

I'm being rather competitive with myself these days, striving to hit the lowest weight in my adult life.  These last few pounds are testing my resolve.

When we returned from Kamsack after Christmas I felt compelled to go back on my Ideal Protein program.  I had been pretty good through the fall, but threw caution to the wind when we checked out for the holidays.  The scale confirmed my indulgences, popping up at 187.6 pound.  About one month later, I am 13 pounds lighter and almost at my "low water mark" as I like to call it.

The pounds slough off easily in the beginning; there were a number of days when I lost two pounds in 24 hours.  In this phase, the weight loss has slowed to a crawl.  There are also days when there is a little "bounce back", quarter and half pounds that return.

I was grateful to see 174.6 on the scale this morning, and am determined to continue until I see 169 for the first time in probably two decades.  We go to Cuba later this month.  I want to be back to normal eating by that time.

Looking back on January, I have loved my lunchtime salads, my meat entrees at supper and my crunch snacks at night.  Water has been my constant companion, especially as I painted and as we sat in front of the TV in the evening.

I have enough Ideal Protein products to make it through the rest of the week.  I'm trying to be super good, in hopes of achieving my target.  I may have to go back for one more round of shakes and snacks, but I hope not.


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