Painting for me

I do a lot of painting for others, clients that have been waiting for portraits of grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and the occasional celebrity.  While my output might make it look easy, it is not.  I have to start with a blank canvas every time and each project demands my total attention and intention.

Painting projects range in complexity, from a facial portrait of a single subject to a fire fighter standing in front of a fire truck, resplendent with gauges, knobs, and hoses.  Some are exceptionally challenges, especially those with multiple family members.  I've learned - after two years of doing this - that each subject in a painting is like a separate painting on its own.

After working for long hours on a commission piece, it feels good to do something fun for me.  On Saturday and Sunday nights I decided to gift myself with some recreational time at the easel.  First, I did a small portrait of the great Salvador Dali.

Last night, I did a very different painting of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather.  I intentionally used a colour palette that not normal for me.  I quite like the result.

I probably spent 20 to 30 hours a week painting.  While I love it, painting commissions is still part of my working week.  To maintain the magic, I'm going to continue to replenish my creative spirit with my own flights of fancy. If you see something you'd like to own, just reach out and let me know.  Don't wait too long though.  I had to turn down two people so far because they wanted the Salvador Dali. It sold within minutes of being completed.


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