In thanks for the help

I was parked outside of Norfort Gymnastics on a hot and sunny day a few weeks ago.  As I sat there waiting to pick someone up, one restoration worker after another began pouring out of the building.  They were all wearing appropriate PPE - masks, gloves, face masks, the works - and were coming to the end of their work day.

It felt like overkill, sitting there across the street on what was a seemingly normal day, probably a month and a half after the fire.  The fact is though, that many facilities are still being restored; that process and these workers will likely be here for a few more months.

They are here by the hundreds, possibly thousands, doing the actual physical effort to clean and sanitize countless businesses and homes.  Most are away from home, working long hours, and likely feeling the affects on their bodies from the exertion required.

Kitty Cochrane sent me a note this morning suggesting that they deserve a shout out.  She included this message:

"These people do such an important job and deserve a shout out. They were so good to us.... 5 person crew who worked so hard cleaning everything - screens, windows, furnace hoses, every nook and cranny, picture frames. We cleaned alongside them, expressed gratitude and respect, made them coffee and muffins. They were so awesome to us. They are working so hard to help ymm get back home. The first 28 days they worked straight through. Now they only get a day off a week, not enough to get home and see their own families. The hundreds of cleaning people here in #ymm are often unseen, but deserve a huge thank you."

The road to recovery is long, and for many, challenging on the spirit.  There are many who are working hard to make this happen for us.  We salute them all.


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