Mindcamp XIV - between the parenthesis

In a couple of hours, Heather will drive me to the airport and I will begin my journey east to Toronto, the first of several legs to get to Mindcamp, Canada's creativity retreat.  This will be my 5th pilgrimage to YMCA Geneva Park; it has become my personal and professional recharge.

Organizers released the program last night and I quickly printed off the two pages of attendees that are expected to participate in the sold out conference.  Going through this list has become part of my Mindcamp tradition.  I go through all the names and highlight the ones that I can picture in my head.  Over one-third of the names are now fluorescent yellow.

The theme of Mindcamp XIV is a symbol.  It suggests the unknowable and the exponential power of coming together.  What lies beneath the parenthesis?  How will those activities, workshops, interactions, relationships, and moments of creative insights change the world?  I don't know, nor does anyone else, only that they will.  I've seen that change in my own life and in the lives of so many others who attend this marvellous coming together of idea explorers.

I'm excited to facilitate "Painting your life" as part of Mind U this year.  A portion of my brain, in wake and sleep, has been shaping the time that about 10 of us will have together starting next Thursday.  Although there will be some structure (parenthesis), we truly will be sailing into unknowable waters.  The exponential (*) part of this will be the energy we create together.  It should be colourful, surprising, and illuminating.

I have to sign off and finish the packing process.  I'm a traveller that leaves things until the last possible minute.  The last fews days have been incredibly busy and have included:

Two minutes in the octagon with my friend Don Scott (the longest two minutes in my life).  The event raised $20,000 for charity.

Painting a dear uncle, father and friend to many people who mean the world to me.  Rossi passed away far too young just over one week ago.

Finishing a painting of a lovely couple, Tyler and Melinda, as a wedding gift from their friend Kim.

Doing a live painting of a laughing horse at a fundraising event for the Clearwater Horse Club.  These men and women are doing an incredible job raising money for the rebuild of their facilities.  The fire was not kind to the horse lovers in our community.

What is between the parenthesis for me at Mindcamp?  Great question.  First of all, it is an opportunity to mindful, curious, and present with some incredible people from around the world.  What that means or what discoveries will be made, I can't begin to guess.  That's the beauty of Mindcamp.


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