Inspired by nature

I was painting away in Birdsong Studio yesterday when I heard the familiar call of the Blue Jay.  Their squawk is so distinctive that even when I'm listening to the radio or music it cuts through.  I scrambled over to grab my camera, gently opened the studio door and stealthily made my way around the corner to find the jay perched on the fence.  This was one of those rare occasions when the bird was within camera range and not flying away.  I snapped about five frames before it took off.

People who follow my Russell Thomas Art Facebook page know that these kind of pictures are fodder for future paintings.  This one is especially appealing to me as I have such a strong affinity for Blue Jays. 

Heather and I go for walks every day now.  We've committed to keeping up with this habit through the winter months.  It struck me quite recently that it would be a smart idea to bring my camera along for these jaunts.  Nature always has something to offer in terms of surprises.

This leaf caught my eye early one morning, covered in dew drops. 

A few weeks earlier, these three dew drops appeared.

On one of our longer walks a patch of sunflowers seemed to explode off nature's canvas.

With the weather turning colder, I have more and more opportunities to photograph our beloved ravens.  While they are usually up in the trees, I managed to get close to one that was on the ground.

There are wonders all around us.  That's what I'm learning.  We only need to take a moment to see them.


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