Why Ravens

As Heather and I do our daily walks the one thing that turns both of our heads is the soft inviting glug glug sound of a nearby raven.  We stop and try to find where it is happily perched waiting for us to engage.  I miss that glug glug during spring and summer.  While there are some ravens around, there are far fewer and they are not interested in conversation.  As soon as the temperature drops below zero everything changes and all of a sudden they are back, as if they never left: glug glug.

Visitors to Birdsong Studio hear stories about my raven friends and the indisputable fact that they leave me presents.  I found one on my deck yesterday: a fully intact slice of bread.  They are a very generous bird.  The trinkets I find in early spring are usually colourful lids, tin cans and the like.  An actual slice of edible bread is extra special.

We walked to our neighbourhood Safeway yesterday for my daily cup of Starbucks bold. Starting our trip home, this beautiful raven was sitting on top of a storage container.  I passed my coffee to Heather, turned on my camera (which I always bring on our walks now), and started snapping.

This raven didn't flinch.  In fact, he started posing and bounced closer to our position. 

Less than five feet away, I was able to get unbelievable details in his face using my telephoto lens.

There is so much personality in his face.  I love the arc of his beak and the hair that stands straight up on his head.  Look at the curiosity in his eye and the dots that surround it. 

I have done 17 raven paintings so far.  I counted.  There will be many more.


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