Look of wonder

As clients and their kids have been coming and going from Birdsong Studio during this very busy week, it's been fun to watch their reactions to coming in the space.  There is colour everywhere and eyes dart back and forth trying to figure out where to focus.  The kids often gravitate toward the animals.  The parents lock onto a favourite music icon, hockey player or animal.  Everyone is different.

Coco has added a whole new dimension to a Birdsong Studio visit.

"Ahhhhhh," people say when they notice what had been lying on my lap at the easel.

They invariably pick him up and the kisses start.

The children explode with delight and take their turns snuggling the little furball.

"I was excited to pick up my print," said one clients, "but I was even more excited to see the studio."

Despite the chaos - paint splatters all over the floor and walls, cardboard boxes, easels, brushes, paint containers, canvas prints, and things Coco has brought in from outside - people appreciate the warmth, vibrancy and unpredictability of coming to the studio.  It changes every single time as art comes and goes; the feature wall transforms on a weekly basis.

Do you ever need an excuse to visit Birdsong Studio?  No.  People come and go all the time.  It's always good to send me a note first, just to be safe.  I'm a napper and a stroller.  Generally speaking, I'm either a five minute walk away somewhere in the neighbourhood or horizontal in our bedroom five steps from the studio.

Where is Birdsong Studio?  It is in our backyard at 114 Demers Drive, downtown.  I must see, while the weather is good, are the murals on the outside wall facing the right-of-way that runs between homes on Demers and Hill Drives. 

I always have some canvas prints on hand for potential purposes and a few originals.  There are also a selection of art card sets that we keep out in the studio for people to purchase.  The Gord Downie cards are almost all gone. I have one lone set left.  But we have a decent quantity of animals, ravens, icons and music icon sets.  They are great to get to use for sending old school greetings or thanks, or as gifts.  There is something special about getting a set of absolutely unique art cards.

I feel blessed by every visit to Birdsong Studio.  So thank you!


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