The golden hour

There is something symmetrical about limiting myself to an hour to do a painting.  That 60 minutes breaks down into four convenient chunks of 15 minutes each which allows me to keep on pace to get finished in time.  That said, there is still an intensity of working against the clock.

I did my first one hour live painting in support of the United Way's Red Menu Campaign at the downtown Boston Pizza.  The staff there had suggested a number of great ideas including the "wildrose", our provincial flower.  I went with that suggestion as it seemed achievable within the time window and it was something a little different from what I normally do.  Different is good.  At least that is what they tell me.

It was so nice that the United Way team came down to support, enjoying some of the items off the Red Menu and watching the painting come together.

My next stop is at Chocolates and Candlelight with Melanie and her team.  I'll be up there at 1 pm today doing a painting from one of their suggestions.  I thought I was going to do a forest scene, but I've changed my mind and will be doing an animal instead.  Stay tuned.

All the paintings I create as part of the Red Menu Campaign will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the United Way's 2018 Community Campaign.


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