WOW of Walt Leadership Retreat

I ran into the executive director of a medium sized charity the other day. 

"How are things?" I asked.

"Busy," he said, with that grant-is-due-tomorrow-but-I'm-not-done-yet glaze in his eyes.

It's funding season in the charitable world and enormous buckets of time are spent trying to secure money for the next cycle or justifying the bucket you got in the last one.  In between applications and reports you are putting out operational fires, helping clients, overcoming human resource hurdles, taking out the garbage and changing light bulbs.  There isn't a lot of time for prototyping or pursuing the dream of how you can be an even bigger agent of change with your clients or community.

I am one of the judges in the Shining Mickey Awards, a new awards program for small to medium sized non profit organizations celebrating leadership and achievement in imagination and creativity.  The list of judges is pretty remarkable as are the inspired people who came up with this idea including Michael Brooks, founder of the Coach on Fire Radio Network, and my friend Stephen Bryant, a social profit leader in our community of Fort McMurray.  You can read all about the awards by clicking here.

The thing that really got my juices going is something that is called "The WOW of Walt Imagination and Creativity Leadership E-Ticket Experience and Mastermind".  This one of a kind retreat is happening in Carlsbad by the Sea, California from February 24-28 and includes an unforgettable tour of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland.

Essentially, this is an immersive experience that allows you to focus 100% of your energy on the dream, the game changer for your organization that has been niggling at you for months and possibly years.  Unlike so many conferences and workshops where you sit through presentation after presentation or participate in massive group sessions, this retreat brings in a small number of EDs and Board Chairs from across North America and introduces them to a new way of thinking, problem solving and prototyping, the Disney way.  During these 5 days in California you will develop a plan and strategy to fund and execute what has previously seemed impossible.

We don't give executive directors the time they need to develop the big ideas, the organizational changes that need to happen to create better funding streams, improve program delivery or enhance the client or volunteer experience.  These five days in California will take participants through the Minnie Mouse Room, where there is lots of compassion and empathy.  Next is the Goofy Room, where everyone gets.....well....goofy.  Then is the Mickey Room, where a can-do attitude, endless optimism and work ethic will produce stunning results.  And finally, you'll end up in the Donald Duck Room, where a world-class entrepreneur will poke holes in your plan so you can make it even stronger.

The best part of this opportunity is that the five days in California are just the beginning.  You will have lifetime access to a private Facebook Group with expert help and advice, plus monthly calls and direct assistance in achieving your organization's goal.

If you're a Board Chair reading this, consider what an investment of five days of focus and working through a dream could do for your organization and community.  Click here to check out the details.


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