Birdsong Christmas

Birdsong Studio has really turned into a family affair.  Our most recent online art auction has been launched and it features a series of abstract painting by Heather Thomas (my amazing wife) and a limited edition canvas print featuring a stunning drawing of an old man by Ben Thomas (our 15 year old son).

Black Spruce


Writing on 

Many more

Three and Two

Heather has been intrigued by abstract painting since she took a lesson from our friend Stan Taylor down in Calgary during the evacuation in 2016.  She will go months without stepping into the studio, then she'll get a creative jolt of energy and spend several days exploring with colour, textures and patterns.  I'd be curious to know which of these speaks loudest to you.

I've known that Ben is a talented artist for a very long time.  Way back in 2014 at the age of 11, he was in the back seat of the car sketching during a long drive somewhere.  In his left hand was his iPhone displaying a photo of the Eiffel Tower, in his right was a pencil.  This was the result.

His incredibly detailed drawing of an old man popped off the screen the first time I saw it.  Danny Tulk, principal of Composite High School, had posted it on Facebook along with a few other works.  It stopped me in my tracks, though at that point, I didn't know the artist was our son.  I've shared the drawing a couple of different times and the reactions have been understandably effusive.

As Ben is raising money to fund a school trip to the capitals of Scandinavia, we thought it would be fun to try something other than bottle drives and pierogi sales. He is selling ten (10) 16" x 20" limited edition gallery canvas prints of the drawing, one of which is in the auction.  A total of 6 sold within the first few hours of posting.

There are a variety of items in the Birdsong Christmas online auction including an original portrait of Elon Musk, the prolific leader of Tesla and Space X.  As we are expecting more canvas prints to arrive throughout the week, we anticipate adding more options as the week goes along.

As always, there are several charity angles in the auction.  The limited edition print of the portrait I did of Anthony Bourdain supports Some Other Solutions, and the limited edition print of My Talkative Raven Friend supports Bracelets For Buildings.

One of our most popular prints of the last few months has been the Newfoundland Outport scene.  This 18" x 36" gallery canvas print was picked up yesterday by Michelle and her family.  I brought in an extra one of that size to put in the auction.

Bidding is super easy.  You go to the auction site and sign up.  Once you place a bid, you will be automatically notified if someone goes higher.  It's fantastic.  The auction closes at 9 pm MST on Saturday, December 15th.


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