New additions

The Purolator truck is a frequent visitor to our street.  At least two or three times a week, one of the drivers - now very familiar faces - shows up at our stoop with multiple boxes of gallery canvas prints.  They come into the house, then out the back door to the studio in our backyard.  I then spend the next 30 minutes cutting open boxes, removing the prints, and doing inventory. 

The other important thing that I do as part of this process is recycling.  All the plastic strapping goes into one recycling container.  All the large pieces of cardboard get piled on a shelf to be used down the road for custom shipping boxes, while all the little pieces get put in the paper recycling container. 

I love this part of my job.  It gets my body moving and I get to discover what treasures have arrived from our printer.  Yesterday's arrival was extra sweet as I was able to add a few items to our Birdsong Christmas auction.

Added to the mix of originals, limited editions and canvas prints are Connor McDavid (18" x 36"), Wolf in the Snow (20" x 20"), McTavish the Raven (24" x 24"), Mama and Baby Elephant, redux (12" x 24") and The Guardian Buffalo (18" x 24").  More are expected to arrive in the coming days.

Several items in the auction are getting close to the BUY NOW level.  Two things happen when the bids go that high: 1) the item is declared SOLD, and 2) the print gets upgraded to an EP (Embellished Print).  What does that mean?  This is when I go in and make hand touches to the gallery canvas print then add the date and my signature.  It's a way of adding my personal touch to the piece and making it completely unique.

How does the auction work?  Great question.  You register for free and place your bids on the following website:  If someone outbids you, an email arrives in your Inbox letting you know.  That's it.  At the end of the auction you deal directly with Heather and I in terms of payment, pick up and/or delivery.  The website is simply a way to fairly run the auction and make it easier for everyone who is participating. 


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