Birdsong September Auction

We find that the best way to give the many people who are following my art adventures a chance to purchase stuff is to host regular online auctions.  The last auction inspired buyers from across Canada and one location in the USA.  The wonder of social media is that you never know where in the world people are appreciating my art.  I love it.

The BIRDSONG SEPTEMBER auction already has over 40 items in it.  With the arrival of another big shipment of gallery canvas prints expected today, items will be added throughout the week.  However, based on what is posted now, what might be the items that I would draw your attention to?  Hmmmmmm.....?  Let's see.

Marilyn Monroe

There are scant few gallery canvas prints available of works that were created in the first year of this journey.  Marilyn Monroe is one of them.  This is the first print that has been made of this piece.  It is currently sitting on an easel in Birdsong Studio grabbing the attention of everyone who walks in.

Art Cards

When is the last time you went to buy a birthday or anniversary card?  Over the years, they have become more and more expensive.  This full set of animal art cards could be used for almost any special occasion and have a lot more impact.  Or, you can follow the lead of severals fans who have taken the cards and created framed collages.

Frankenstein Monster No. 6

The first time I painted the Frankenstein Monster was at a huge Halloween costume party with 700 guests.  It was absolutely wild, frenetic and fun.  He's become a favourite subject over the years.  This was the last time I brought him to life on the canvas - a perfect addition as we near Halloween.

Heather's Field and Sky paintings

I have said many times that Heather has an amazing gift for abstracts.  It's clear that she also has a gift with landscapes.  These two multi-media pieces are available in this auction.  They are sublime, serene and splendid captures of the prairie landscape and the sense of freedom and space they inspire.

Bayon Temple

This is the largest original painting featured in the auction.  It is a unique piece depicting one of the faces carved into the side of this amazing Khmer temple located at Angkor in Cambodia.  It was built in the 12th or early 13th century.  It was the most impressive temple of several we visited on this massive site located near Siem Reap.

Lil Wayne

I love painting rap artists.  I have no explanation for it except my theory that they somehow inspire me to let go and have fun.  One of my favourites is a portrait of a guy who calls himself Lil Wayne. His success is pretty incredible, having sold over 120 million albums in his career.

Soul to Soul

For me, there is something soothing about being around horses.  They seem to invite us to connect at a soul level.  This painting is a close up of Gibb's eye, a beautiful horse who resides on a beautiful farm west of Okotoks.  He is quite something.

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