Tidal wave of change

There are moments early in the morning when I realize how much has changed in our lives over the last few months.  The house that was our home for over 20 years is now being transformed by its new owners.  All the minuscule patterns and habits we developed in our old home have been obliterated and replaced with new ones.  In a short two months, we have learned where things are stored and how the new home feels at all points of the day, in the quiet hours before the dawn, deep in the night, and during the brilliance of hot summer days.

The small studio space that nurtured my leap from a career as a marketing and communications professional to a full-time artist has been slowly supplanted by a much larger space that also serves as my home office.  I am sitting in it right now listening to the sound of the blue jays calling off in the distance and the steady rain that has been blessing us for the last 24 hours.

My dreams have been particularly intense the last few nights as the temperature falls to single digits at night heading into the fall.  I have a much harder time dreaming in the summer when things are warmer.  Themes of change and transition pop up nightly, imbued with lots of emotion and drama.  It's much harder to wake up from sleeps peppered with epic adventures.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett

At the same time that I'm realizing how much change I've been through, I think about Heather, Dylan and Ben, and the changes they are experiencing.  Heather has moved away from familiar clients and a dear friend that are still in Fort McMurray.  Dylan is into his second year of independence at the National Theatre School and a new living situation in a college type dorm.  Ben is in his first few days of a new high school, trying to find his way among a new set of fellow students.  We're all transitioning.  We're all changing, growing and transforming.


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