Birdsong Studio Workshops

With the arrival of our business license and the conclusion of our renovations (expected to be today), we are ready to offer a series of workshops in Birdsong Studio Okotoks.  Right off the top, it's important to know that my workshops might be a little different than others you have tried.

One of the biggest things that might be different is the number of people.  There will only be between 1 and 8 people in any workshop that I host in Birdsong Studio.  And yes, I will run a workshop even if only a few people have signed up.

I will introduce a subject and share some of the steps that I take to express it on the canvas.  I will also paint along with you.  While I provide some direction, during this experience you will be creating something that is entirely your own.

We provide all the equipment...all you have to bring is a willingness to leave your inner critic outside and to have fun with colour.  The cost is $60 + gst for this three hour creative retreat.  To reserve a spot you can do one of three things:

1. Email

2. Text 780-881-3752

3. Send a message via my Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page

Here the first four workshop opportunities:

Sunday, September 22, 2 to 5 pm

Wild Colour Portraits

My painting journey began when I stripped away all of my preconceived ideas about what a face should look like.  Instead, I set out with the intention to use unlikely colours and to have fun.  The combination of those two things freed my creative spirit and ultimately brought me to Okotoks.

Sunday, September 29, 2 to 5 pm

The Iconic Inuksuk

One of the great symbols of northern Canada is the Inuksuk.  This manmade stone landmark has been built by the peoples of the Arctic region for centuries.  In some cases they were used for navigation or to mark places such as camps, hunting grounds, fishing spots, or food caches.

Sunday, October 6, 2 to 5 pm

Painting Elephants

Heather and I had the pleasure of visiting the Elephant Haven near Kanchanaburi, Thailand a couple of years ago.  We took a lot of pictures as we walked with the elephants in the forest and swam with them in the river.  One of these images will inform the painting we will do in this workshop.

Sunday, October 13, 2 to 5 pm

Objects of our Lives

There are fascinating objects in our lives that would make lovely painting subjects.  I've tried several over the years, from a bunch of bananas to the baby buddha statue in the living room.  For this workshop, I'm going to invite people to bring an object from home that they would like to bring to life on the canvas.


1.  You will be given permission to have fun with colour (no inner critics allowed)

2.  You get three hours of precious ME time (you deserve it!)

3.  You can be inspired by those around you (people are inherently creative and brilliant, including YOU)

4.  You get to hang out in Birdsong Studio (it's a pretty cool place)

5.  You will create an absolutely unique work of art that you get to take home and hang on your wall


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