Down to Essentials

 As we drove away from Okotoks yesterday after saying goodbye to 74 Elma Street, I felt a little displaced, like leaving Fort McMurray during the evacuation in 2016. Most of our worldly possessions were tucked away in two moving pods that had been picked up and taken to some mysterious storage location. All we had with us were a few essentials: clothes for a couple of weeks, our devices, and a box of food and toys for the dogs. That was it.

We are between homes for a bit, while our home gets completed at SEED Homes in south Calgary. It will get placed on a series of engineered screw piles in the next week to 10 days. It may or may not land on the 4th of August as originally planned. We’re still waiting for the development permit from the Town of High River. 

I was grateful for the time we had to pack up and bid adieu to 74 Elma Street and Birdsong Studio 2.0. We are grateful to its new owners, Josh and Ashlee, who have been great partners in this transition. They are good people and will serve the property, neighbourhood and community well. 

The next few days are about recovering and recharging from a physically and mentally draining period. We are looking forward to several hikes and some good sleep. 


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