Vision to reality

 I am in awe of what technology and talent can do. Our partners at SEED Homes sent us some renderings of what our High River property will look like at various times and seasons. How quickly you can begin to see how an empty plot of land will look in a short number of weeks.

View of the main house from the Birds Nest
The view from 4th Avenue SE
Looking at the side of the house from the empty lot to the east
The view from above - summer
The view from above - winter
The view of Birdsong Studio 3.0 in winter as you would see it coming up the back alley

Low profile, modern and environmentally sustainable, our new home and Birdsong Studio 3.0 will add a new flavour to downtown High River. Heather's landscape design and fencing will bring the whole project together. 

We're going to only put solar panels on the larger building - different from what you see in the renderings - as we think that it will provide the electricity that we will need.  A metal roof will go on the smaller studio building. 

Back in Okotoks, our slow pack is progressing. Three bedrooms are completely empty and ready for the new owners. Pods arrive in about 10 days and we'll spend the following 10 days loading them up with the downsized version of our furniture, clothing and personal possessions. There is a lot to be said for having loads of time to get all of this done. On July 29th, we will wave goodbye to this beautiful spot on Elma Street and turn over the keys to Josh and Ashlee.


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