It's all about the bones


Heather and I made a trip into the city to see the progress of our new 1,200 sq ft bungalow being constructed by SEED Homes. The metal frame was laid out (upside down) in their manufacturing facility in southeast Calgary. It's hard to believe that this frame will morph into a fully completed home within a short number of days. There are a lot of moving parts - believe me - that need to synchronize to make this happen, but we're hoping for the best. 

It was nice to see the frame in person as it gave us a first glimpse of the scale of the build. There is also something very special about seeing the skeleton before the vital organs and skin get added. 

We were also able to meet Steve from Trusscore. This is the company that makes the recycled plastic wall systems that will be featured in our home and Birdsong Studio 3.0. There will be absolutely no drywall used in the construction of these buildings. 

It felt like we made a major step forward yesterday as Fortis Alberta was able to provide us a Site ID so we can get hooked up to the electrical grid. I then got extraordinary customer service from a lady at Enmax. She bent over backward to help us set the stage for a seamless connection when our construction is nearing its end. 

Heather spent yesterday emptying out every single cupboard and washing them. Everything we need to pack is now in full view. Those items will be paired with boxes today.  By early tomorrow morning, the only thing left in the house will be our personal items that we'll need during this "in between" time and our mattress. That's it. Everything else will be tucked away in our moving pods. 


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