Managing through the moving stress and heat wave


The stress of moving comes in waves, along with the heat. It's early on a Monday morning and I was a little foggy as to what day it was.

Sleep comes slowly to me in the summer at the best of times. After a few minutes of trying to fall asleep, I give up and find a space in a different room where I won't disturb Heather. She sleeps very well. It is usually between 1 am and 2 am when I finally am able to settle. By early morning, I'm in a deep deep sleep and having vivid dreams. I resist waking up, though I still do.

This heat is unrelenting, especially on the days when there is absolutely no cloud cover. We do our best to keep the temperature down in the house by closing all the windows early. But on these super hot days, it helps only a little.

I waited for the sun to near the western horizon before setting off with the dogs to Waller Park. It becomes less intense as the day winds down and getting Coco and Shay out for a run and a dip in the water is important. They look forward to it every day. As soon as I grab their collars, their excitement level goes from zero to a hundred. Shay then goes to the drawer were we keep the leashes, knowing what is next.

Waller Park, or as we like to call it, The Tranquility Pond, has provided so much relief to us over the years we've lived in Okotoks. It is our happy place. 


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