Slow and steady


In exactly one week, our two moving pods will be picked up and taken to High River. We will wave goodbye to our Elma Street home and studio and pass along the keys to the new owners. It feels like a blessing to actually know the family moving in. They are lovely people who will honour the legacy of this beautiful property in downtown Okotoks. 

We are slowly and methodically packing everything up. Each day is a series of micro goals. Today’s effort will be to clear out the studio portion of the triple car garage. The Ideal Protein office will be the last to get packed up. 

Moving is an exhausting process, both physically and mentally. My brain is constantly in motion, trying to determine what needs to happen next and what the next couple of weeks will hold. The blessing of using the moving pods has been that we can do the heavy stuff a little at a time. Should we ever move again, this would be the way I would go.

I’m really looking forward to seeing our new project come together. Stephen Morgan did a FaceTime call the other day to show us the frame of the house. It’s amazing that a fully finished house will arrive on August 4th. My brain is having a hard time wrapping my head around this reality. 

As with any new build, there will likely be a few speed bumps and hidden curves. That said, we trust our partners at SEED Homes and can’t wait to see everything unfold.


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