The pods have arrived


Taking the lead from our friends Sarah and Pete, who moved in May, we have rented a couple of pods to do our move to High River. They arrived yesterday, a 16-footer and a 12-footer. 

We will spend the next two weeks loading them up in preparation for their transfer to our property 15 minutes to the south. 

This is a very different way to move and a very effective strategy when there is a delay between the move out and move in dates.  The only other viable option would have been to rent a storage locker. The downside of that choice is that you have to move everything four times: out of the house and into the truck, out of the truck and into the storage locker, out of the storage locker back into the truck, and from the truck into the new house.  Ugghhh. I feel tired just typing it.

As we get closer to the move - now 13 days away - there are a certain number of unknowns, unknowns that are inherent in going through a new process.  A lot of things have to come together in a short couple of days including the approval of our development permit application, installation of the engineered screw piles, preparations for hooking into water, sewer and electricity, and the actual construction of the home. All we can do is ask the right questions and TRUST that our team at SEED Homes will bring it all together. 

As downsizing and simplifying were the drivers of this change, I'm trying to let go of everything that I can - the stuff that doesn't need to come with us for this next phase. There are many physical objects that I'm discovering in the cleaning process that connect to memories from 15, 20 and 30 years ago. The question I keep asking myself is whether or not I need the physical object to connect to those memories. In most cases, the answer is no.

My big accomplishment yesterday was cleaning out the bathroom in the shop. Ninety percent of the stuff in there has been removed and the space cleaned. That is a satisfying result. I have a few more things to go through today, but by day's end another room on the property will be completely empty and ready to hand over to the new owners. We are quickly getting to the point where more rooms are empty than not. 


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