A new way to enjoy coffee

 When we were staying with my sister and brother-in-law in the country near Sexsmith, we always started our day with a couple of cups of coffee made by Keurig machine. It was so easy to make a great cup of coffee - no fuss, no muss. Our only hesitation in purchasing one for ourselves has been the environmental impact of the K-cups that go in the trash.

While in Calgary, I kept bumping into Keurig machines of all shapes and sizes. I would note the features and the prices, but resist, at the last moment, and walk away. 

Then I spotted this one on sale for $50 off. My resistance crumbled.

On my first attempt to use the machine with My K-Cup, the reusable version that you fill with your own coffee grounds, disaster struck. I did something wrong and coffee spewed everywhere. It turns out I didn't lock it properly. Lesson learned.

Now, every morning I get up and make a 10 oz cup of strong coffee, sit down at my computer and catch up with the world. Then I have my second cup. I love it.

My intention is to use the Keurig out in Birdsong Studio 3.0 when it is built and placed on our land in High River. I want people to drop in for visits and I want to be able to make them a great cup of coffee. That will not happen until some time in December now, but it will eventually happen. 


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