Mine is not to reason why

 The vagaries of social media never seem to amazing me. While I was trying to figure out why a recent TikTok video was barely being seen, something was happening with a post over on Facebook.  All day, I was seeing comment notifications in many different languages. 

Turkish. Hindi. Russian. Greek. Italian. They kept coming in.

I went over to the insights portion of the Facebook page to see what was happening. Sure enough, the post had gone inexplicably viral. One share grew to 10 which quickly become 100. That's when the post starts travelling the globe as friends share with other friends. As of this morning the post has inspired over 300 shares and comments.

It is now a few days later and this post has likely become the most successful in my 10 year journey, surpassing the previous post that was made from this house in northwest Calgary in 2016 when we were evacuated from Fort McMurray. Both were posted with no intention or expectation of catching fire. It is generally a complete and utter surprise when it does. 

Autumn Serenade
24" x 36, acrylic on canvas
This is the finished painting that inspired generous and glowing comments from all corners of the globe. It can be purchased by clicking here.


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