The energy has shifted

 I write blog posts for several reasons. Primarily, it is my very public journalling process, a way of capturing what's going on in my mind and in my life. Secondly, it is a way of sharing to shift the energy in the world. 

Moments after sharing my last post, "Ask me how I really feel", Ruth reached out with an offer to stay in her and her husband's house. This was the second time that she made the offer and it landed at just the right time. They are away on a month long holiday and we will be able to watch their property and be much closer to our build in High River. They flew out this morning, we moved in several hours later.

We are so incredibly grateful for their generosity, as it will put us a short 15 minute drive away from our lot, as opposed to the 60 minutes it would have taken if we were still in northwest Calgary. It feels great to be here, and it feels great to give Heather's brother's family their house back. They have been fantastic hosts and very patient with our unique situation.

I have set up a lovely painting spot in the walkout basement. As it faces north, I get some beautiful light until late in the afternoon.  There is also a great spot for Heather to paint, too. We bought a couple of big tarps to protect the floor and furniture and we're good to go. 

Heather has started a new job, offering her healing skills at Westridge Laser and Massage at 515 1st St SW in High River. She has great healing gifts and will thrive in this fantastic setting. 

We expect to have our development permit finalized in the next few days and work to begin on the land shortly after. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 


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