Building the nest

 While a portion of the SEED Homes team finished a bunch of things in our house, the other portion was hard at work in southeast Calgary putting together Birdsong Studio 3.0. This second building will be somewhat smaller than our house and sit on screw piles at the back of our High River property.

The building will include a studio/painting space that will run the full length of the building with four north facing windows to let in beautiful indirect natural light. It will also have several unencumbered sections that will be covered with the Trusscore slat wall system, allowing us to hang art salon style (floor to ceiling). 

The painting space will flow into a large office and common space. This will be our Ideal Protein clinic and my office. There will also be a bathroom with a mop sink for cleaning brushes and painting gear. 

The remainder of the building will include the "Bird's Nest", a small suite that will include a Murphy bed, kitchenette, full bath and eventually, a private deck. This will be a perfect option for couples looking for a High River/access to Kananaskis Country getaway.

The team is shooting for an early February delivery. This process will flow very differently than our house. Much of the finishing details will be done in the manufacturing facility, rather than on site. Flooring, windows, etc. will be all done when Birdsong Studio gets placed on its screw piles by a large crane. That should mean the 6-7 weeks of finishing work that have needed to happen with the house should be significantly shorter. 


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