The beauty of hoar frost


According to Dr. Google, hoar frost is a type of feathery frost that forms as a result of specific climatic conditions. We woke up to hoar frost in abundance yesterday morning in High River.

As the house was teeming with workers, I took the dogs out for a nice run in the forest. Here are a few images I captured along the way. 

Near the point in the walk when I was ready to turn around and head back I saw a bald eagle perched on the top of a tree. It was magnificent. I got up as close as I could to get a good look, talking to it as I neared. It didn't budge, rather, it looked down on us with curiosity. Maybe it was looking at Coco and thought "dinner?" I hope not. 

Meanwhile, back at the house Jonathon was working on the passageway floor, getting rid of some squeaks that were driving us batty. Taylor and Derek were working on the Trusscore grid in the galley kitchen, Brandon and Nikki were installing the bamboo feature wall between the dining room and Heather's office, and Dallas was putting in a few vents in the skirting to allow things to breathe underneath the house.
Back at the SEED Homes manufacturing facility in Calgary, Luke was painting the aluminum trim that will finish off all the spots where the ceiling meets the walls. 

Today, Dave and Elizabeth come in to do the final painting. All that remains is some tiling behind the stove and the installation of the microwave. 


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