Making space

 I was totally uncertain where I would carve out space for painting in the new house as we wait for the arrival and set up of Birdsong Studio 3.0. It was a question I was asking myself that was getting no answers. Looking back on it, I think I kept hitting a wall because other areas in the home were distracting my attention. Once we had the two living spaces set up and sorted out, the question of where to paint became abundantly clear.

The guest bedroom on the east side of the home will be my temporary painting spot. With the mattress leaning up against the wall and an old canvas drop cloth on the floor, it is more than adequate for me to do my work.

After a painting hiatus of at least a couple of weeks, I pulled out all of my paints and started working on a commission that has been waiting and a new black and white project for our friends at 94 Take the Cake on Elma Street in Okotoks. It felt great, though I felt the need to step gingerly back in the water.

There is a momentum that gets created with my painting. It is a confidence and clarity that comes from within and needs to be nurtured and trusted. It takes time and patience to reacquire this natural flow. 

The other challenge I was facing in this temporary painting set up was where I was going to do all the other work that comes with selling art. Where do I apply the finishing varnish coat?  Where do I put together my shipping boxes? Where can I work flat?
There was a delay in getting our quartz countertop for our island. So, the SEED Homes team provided a temporary countertop using a length of plywood. That piece, which no longer has a purpose, as our actual countertop is now in place, is great work surface. It struck me that if I could source out a pair of sawhorses with an adjustable height option, that would give me what I need. I found what I was looking for at the local Peavey Mart. The plywood surface and the two sawhorses fold up nicely and will only get set up when they are needed.

If I've learned anything during this long period of being displaced, it is that I can work anywhere. I just need to improvise and adapt with the available space and light. When the time comes that Birdsong Studio 3.0 is all done and ready for action, it's going to feel like an absolute dream.


  1. Excellent!!! I am in the same process!!! Rearranging everything to work at least 48 hours per week on Saracaras, getting there, setting up my method.Today I go out to the beach area and to the "tavern" I was going to that just moved directly across the street from a very busy beach where I will do some Saracaras work as well, possibly live. Just finished painting a piece of furniture and my rotating easel for the purpose.


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