Tin Star

 I was having a devil of a time sleeping last night. For no specific reason, my body couldn't settle. So, I got up, pulled open my computer and went searching for a new show to watch. My late night distraction for the past month or so has been Mad Men. It finally came to an end with a diverse group of young people singing "I'd like to buy the world a coke..." on top of a mountain. It seemed like an odd way to end a great series, but I later discovered that famous ad, which I remember well (Yes. I'm that old.) was produced by the same company Don Draper worked for in the show: McCann Erickson. It was co-written by account executive Bill Backer, who apparently partially inspired the character who made Mad Men once of the most successful and loved series of all-time.

So, Mad Men was done. What next? I pulled up something called Tin Star starring Tim Roth of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction fame. 

I start watching and right away recognize some of the most iconic mountain vistas that Alberta has to offer. Ok, I thought to myself. This was filmed in Alberta. Cool.
Then this town scene popped up.
Then another.

"Wait a minute", I said.

This is all High River.
In fact, that last picture was taken a block from our house. They digitally inserted the mountains in the background, but that is definitely the old train station and the Dining Car restaurant off to the right. Me and the dogs walk by here every time we go for a walk. 

I googled how many shows have filmed here over the years. The list is rather impressive according to Wikipedia. It is no wonder that industry folks refer to it as Hollywood North. 


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