High River Birds


From our house on 4th avenue SE we walk three blocks to the west where we find George Lane Memorial Park. After traversing its winding paths, we go up an asphalt path to Happy Trails, a well maintained pathway that sits on top of the berm that protects the town from high waters. From there it is a few steps to some terraced steps that lead down into the off-leash forested area that is adjacent to the Highwood River.
Coco and Shay love it out here. They can run, explore and sniff to their hearts' content. On the sunny days, it's a great opportunity for me to do some bird watching.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.
The sound was incredibly loud as the three of us stopped moving and just listened. Sure enough, there were two woodpeckers working away on this old tree that had fallen in this lovely grove. 

All of a sudden I saw this massive bird fly into the solitary tree that sits closest to the river. I walked over and managed to get one picture before it flew off.

It looks like a living airplane as it soared over the tops of the trees. After consulting my bird ID app, it turns out it was a juvenile bald eagle.
On another tree, a white-breasted nuthatch was hanging on the underside of the branch tapping away. I was hoping to get a better picture, but it was constantly on the move and didn't want to pose in the sun.
As we started our trip back, I noticed an adult bald eagle off in the distance. It was hard to miss, sitting so regally up on its perch. I found a well travelled deer trail and slowly walked up to the tree hoping to get close enough to get a decent shot before it took off. 
I love the fact that this series of trails is so close to our house. The dogs love that they can run free, chase sticks and explore myriad smells. They are always content when we are done and I tell them "It's leash time". They come on over to get buckled up, and back up on to Happy Trail we go. 


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