Decisions made for me

 "I'm ready to get back on the program," said Heather.

I think that was Saturday morning. 

"OK," I said.

Immediately shifting my mindset, I did two things. First, I dumped the remaining chips that I had in the cupboard. Second, I got out our mini-ladder and stashed the bottle of whiskey up in the highest cupboard. Out of reach; out of mind.

I jumped right back into Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein program. No hesitation. 

My intention was to wait until the studio building was complete to start the process of losing the weight collected during our displacement period. August, September, October, November and December were months spent in seven different living situations. They were months filled with highs and lows, along with a complete disregard for diet and self control. 

Knowing full well that it is easier to work the program together, I happily took Heather's cue and embraced the decision that she had made. 

We went through this together at the same time two years ago after we returned from a holiday on Vancouver Island. It was a successful journey that resulted in both of us shedding the weight and reaching our personal adult lows. We felt great. We felt confident. And we had more energy. We are intent to get there again.


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