Back to the Snye

The first of June marks the opening of the Snye and Clearwater for fishing. So, right after supper last night I piled in my gear, drove the three blocks to the confluence, and got my rod in the water.

"Lee! Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting for you here all winter."

I couldn't help teasing Lee a little bit. He's a Filipino regular who is good-hearted and fishes in the same spot most of the warm months. Lee works for Alberta Power.

Next to me was Lyin, a new fellow originally from China.

"You guys all know each other?" he asked aloud.

"Yup, we're all regulars," I said.

Down the shore a few feet Tyler and his posse were camped out, enjoying some wobbly pops and what smelled like wacky tobacky.

I like this spot for many reasons. First, you're seldom alone. Even in the wee small hours of the morning you're likely to find Carl puffing on his cigarettes and waiting for the big one. Second, the sun shines right in your face, allowing you to work on your tan while waiting for the fish to rise. And finally, the sand feels wonderful between your toes--much more comfortable than the rocky shore of the Athabasca down by the water treatment plant.

Fishing on the Snye yesterday was less about catching anything, though I did--one small goldeye, it's more about coming home after a long and arduous winter.

June 2, 2010 - 195.4 pounds, 28.4% body fat


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