The Mighty Brenda

In 2008, Keyano College hosted the annual Alberta-North Access Symposium-a two day conference for a group of educators who are called Community Access Point Coordinators and representatives from all levels at colleges in the north. Brenda Robinson from the Robcan Group was delivering one of the keynote sessions in the Doug Schmit Lecture Theatre while then Leadership Wood Buffalo Executive Director Sana Elache walked by.

"I started hearing laughing," she said. "That would be followed some silence, then more laughing. I was drawn to the sound."

Sana watched as the mighty Brenda-who, by that time, I had had the pleasure of seeing several times at other events-captivated the room and achieved the revered state of TE, or Total Engagement.

Because of that brief moment of happenstance, and the fact that Sana stuck around till the end of the presentation to get Brenda's business card, we were able to enjoy TE at yesterday's Leadership Wood Buffalo board retreat.

Brenda Robinson is a facilitator and presenter, not to mention a seasoned storyteller and teacher. She is your favourite aunt, gregarious neighbor, sage professor. She also has a sharply honed Canadian sense of humour that has the capacity to keep things light enough to ensure the content sticks.

As I reflected on yet another great three hour stretch with the mighty Brenda, I had visions of bundling her up and putting her on a plane to share her with our American friends at the next National Council of Marketing and Public Relations conference in Philadelphia. I think she'd be the perfect Canadian export, a presenter who could illuminate the minds of many, and create some hearty cross-cultural laughter in the process.

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