Joy and Festivity

There are moments from every special event that I've been involved with over the years that stick, memories that resonate long after the tents have been taken down, folded up and trucked off to the next celebration. At the 10th annual Summer Solstice Picnic in the Park the moments were many.

  • Watching the young children twirling around with feather boas blowing in the wind, dancing at the front of the stage while the Dino Martinis, decked out in their white and pink suits, played the hits.

  • Standing at the side of the stage watching 8 year old Karlie Boostram belting out a Johnny Cash classic. (she ended up winning 2nd prize-her dad Melvin on the top prize)

  • Seeing our wonderful Keyano staff who were doing the cleaning and recycling, running around picking up bottles and cans with huge smiles on their faces...God love them!

  • Observing the look of satisfaction and pride in the face of Natasha John-Hurford who, in the second year of coordinating the event, hit a HOME RUN!

  • Walking around picking up bits of garbage near the end of the event, surprised how clean things were despite the thousands of people who came through in a short couple of hours

  • Glancing up at the clouds, grateful that we had another Solstice free from rain, an outcome that was in question as the clouds began forming at the beginning of the event

  • Hearing the quote of the night from Pat McGannon from the Dino Martinis: "We left Calgary and the weather felt like Christmas. Getting off the plane in Fort McMurray it felt like we'd landed in Hawaii!"

June 19, 2010 - 193.4 pounds, 28.1% body fat


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