Morning taxi ride

Heather needed the car on Friday and I needed to get to work, so I called a taxi. One of the great benefits of living relatively close to work is that the cost of a cab ride is only $10. So, when time is short, I take a pass on walking or public transit and catch a ride.

Yesterday's driver was a Somalian.

"It sure is nice to have all those election signs gone," I said.

"Yes!," he replied, shaking his head and smiling.

"I think Mohammad still has some up though," I said.

"Dogar!" he replied brightly and laughing!!!

"He did such a great job with his campaign. He got 1,500 votes you know. That's fantastic."

"Fifteen hundred? That's good," he said. "How did Scott do?"

"He won," I said.

"How about Thomas?"

Oh, that was me. I won, too.

"Oh! Ha ha ha," he laughed. "I voted for you!!! That's good!"

A complete stranger from across the planet voted for me. That's quite a feeling.


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